Monday, February 25, 2013


Since my 21st birthday at the end of June I have been binge drinking like crazy and supplementing my hangover with whatever greasy unhealthy food looked satisfying.  Since I am not invincible I did what I hoped I would never do, I gained all my weight and more back.


I couldn't tell you the countless drinks I had or the greasy pizza and fries I'd indulged in, but you know what I could tell you?  How good it felt being thinner and healthy and how miserable and depressed I am now.  None of my clothes fit and when I sit I can feel the horrific fat rolls on my back and sides.  Last Wednesday I challenged myself to go without drinking for 1 week and I am proud to say I have successfully made it over the weekend with out a single drink!  Only 2 days left!  I had originally planned to reward myself with a night of drinking but that just seems so silly to me!

Yesterday I went to Disneyland and instead of a cheat meal, I had a cheat day. Which wasn't what I originally planned to do. WHOOPDY DO. haha  My approach to weight loss this time is more realistic.  I will be eating the same meal plan as last time, however I am accepting the matter of real life this time.  No, it's not possible to be as strict as I was last time for my entire life.  I am going to want to go out and get hammered and eat some fast food and instead of depriving myself like last time, I am going to be smarter and live life too.  ANYWAY, after eating at Disneyland and being unhealthy I feel like a slug, I am so tired and could barely get out of bed today.  Which is just giving me more and more motivation to keep the good feelings going!

I'm happy to be back :)

Thursday, February 21, 2013