Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Week 3!

WOW!  Well it has been a while since my last post.  I have been ANNOYINGLY busy lately.  I started school two weeks ago so I am having a hard time juggling full time work, full time school, a grieving mother, and the love of my life.  Oh did I forget to mention me time?  HA hilarious....  Well, whatever I am handling everything very smoothly well at least i think I am.  I am keeping up with my classes, getting to work on time, and even having time with my family.  So you may be wondering how I am doing so far with the body transformation challenge.  Well... It is week 3 day 2 and I am still going strong!!!!  WOOO!!! I am proud to report that my total loss since November 28th when I started living a healthier lifestyle is 14 pounds gone!!!!  In the challenge alone I have dropped 3.5 lbs each week, bringing my total to 7lbs!  I am so proud of myself.  I have definitely had a couple really rough days.  During my first week just before my last meal, I was feeling extremely nauseous.  It was so terrible, I wanted to quit with all of my might. I just kept repeating to myself, "You’re only going hard for 12 weeks... YOU CAN DO IT” I stuck in there and the next morning I felt so great and guess what?  The nauseous feeling disappeared by the fourth day.  I was concerned with how safe my program could be if it was making me feel sick, so Jason did some research on it for me.  Since I have cut my calories so drastically and my body wasn't used to the healthy or clean foods i was eating, my body was not well adjusted.  It seems that it just took a few days before my body realized what was going on.  I have noticed that if for some reason I do not eat my last meal right on time, I do start to feel sick again though, so I have been very certain to eat on time.  On the first Friday of my challenge or day 4, I was really bad off...  I was craving every sort of sh*tty food you could ever think of.  I spent about an hour looking at the food section of pinterest, practically drooling all over my computer.  On my lunch break I called Jason on the brink of tears.  I was miserable.  He really helped me that day, he reminded me why I was doing this and all my goals and plans I had for myself.  He reminded me of the times that I had given up in the past, and the terrible feelings that went along with that.  It got me through... then an hour later at my next meal it was time to take my vitamins.  Jason had filled my pillbox for me the night before, because I received my new Opti-Women multi-vits.  When I pulled out my pillbox, it looked like there was a piece of trash crumpled up in the day’s section.  When I pulled the paper out this is what I found...

I re-found my motivation and kept going.  I was/am so thankful to have someone so supportive in my life.  He really pushed me through that day and man I am so happy he did.  Last week, I threw a temper tantrum because I couldn't have Starbucks.  So he told me we could go out to dinner on the weekend.  We did and I was allowed to eat some garlic mashed potatoes.  And they were the best thing I have eaten in my entire life....  So here I am day 2 of week 3 still going strong!  I am so proud of myself!!

I found this on where else... Pinterest and wanted to share:

Think about this next time you are unhappy with were you are at!  You are doing something about it!!!!!  Never give up and realize what you have WHEN YOU HAVE IT!!!!

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