Wednesday, March 21, 2012

8 weeks down 4 to go!

WOW!!! It has been way too long!!!  I have been so busy with work, school, and the gym to even post.  I want to be posting at least once a day!  I downloaded the blogger app for my phone, so hopefully I will be able to blog on the go!

Here are my current stats!

Weight loss total: 25lbs!!
Current Weight: 175lbs!
Weight lost on the first 8 weeks of challenge: 18 lbs!!

I feel so good that I have hit this mark!  Not only is it all those great things, but I crossed weights with my boyfriend!  For the first time ever, I weigh less than him and I am only 4 lbs away from being in my healthy weight range for my weight.  I am so excited!

The last couple weeks I have been somewhat plateauing, only losing an average of 1 lb a week.  This is GREAT but not what I want to see for how hard I am working.  I changed up a lot of my nutrition plan with the help of my boyfriend and his friend, Sean.

I will post a sample of what my day in food looks like later!

I have been trying to go to the gym twice a day about 3 days a week.  This is hard..... Really hard....  I got a tip that for optimal fat burn do 20 minutes of HIIT (high intensity interval training) in the morning and 20 minutes of HIIT at night.  I am going to do this for the next week and aim for at least a 3 lbs loss!  20 Minutes earlier is achievable not unrealistic.  

I am taking my 8 week progress pictures tonight as well as my 8 week body measurements.  Check back tomorrow to see!  WOO!!

Stay motivated:]

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