Tuesday, April 3, 2012

14 Days

Wow.  I am only 14 days away from finishing my first body transformation contest.  I cannot believe how fast it has gone by.  12 weeks or 84 days sounds so scary and far away.  When I made the decision I wasn't sure i even had faith in myself to finish and make it all the way through.  No look at me, with 14 days left I have decided to enter 2 more contests and am on my way to making my fitness dreams a reality.  I cannot believe it.

My totals are as of last week are as follows;
28.5 lbs lost total (hoping to hit 30 tomorrow at weigh in!)
21.5 lbs lost during the first 70 days of the challenge!

Last Friday I had to take before pictures for bodybuilding.com's live shredded $10k body transformation contest. When I compared them with my beginning pictures taken on 1/24/2012 I was really excited, I can really see my results!!!  See for your self!

Left picture taken on:1/24/2012
Right Picture taken on:3/30/12

This has motivated me so keep pushing through and make my dreams come true!

I have entered the iSatori Iron Warrior 90-day Challenge end date: 6/17/12
I also entered the Live Shredded Contest end date: 6/22/12

I also signed up for 10k in 2 weeks!!! I must be crazy!!!

My 21st birthday is 6/30/12 and I CANNOT wait to sit poolside in Vegas beaming with confidence and pride in the work and effort I put into my body!


  1. Wow, you look awesome. Keep up the good work.

  2. you go girl.... you are doing a great job keep it up