Monday, September 23, 2013

Oh Monday.....

How many of you go to the gym and see people that are in extremely good shape that run/elliptical/stair master/bike for a million hours?

Which leaves you feeling like...

 Then you kinda feel bad about your self thinking things like, "I will never get there" or "Compared to her, I'm a f***ing whale".  I don't know about you, but this leads me to a lot of self loathing. 

Today as I was working out I noticed a girl on a treadmill not to far from me that was kicking ass running.  She didn't half to walk like I did and I KNOW she was on a higher speed.  Not to mention how great her ass looked in her tiny running shorts.  After I finished my run I walked to get a paper towel to wipe down my machine and I saw a woman on the elliptical that was overweight and struggling through her workout like how I used to when I began.  This lead me to two lessons.

#1 Often times we are too consumed with the negative things that we lose sight of our victories.

Example:  I was too consumed with how great the other woman looked that it overtook the joy of me running 8 minutes straight two times in a row AND completing a 12 minute 34 second mile.  Both things I never thought I would accomplish so fast and so effortlessly.

Example 2:  (This is a big one for me)  I was pretty depressed this weekend, and I still worked out every day.  I was still bumming and didn't eat 100% on plan, but I stayed under my calorie count and went right back to it yesterday.  I'd say the fact that I didn't give up is a damn good accomplishment and I am proud of myself.

#2  We need to stop comparing ourselves to other people.  We will only cause ourselves grief.

Example:  I have been in much better shape with a tight ass and I have been the one struggling on the treadmill.  The only person we should compare ourselves to is who we were yesterday.  Make YOURSELF proud.  That is all that matters, put those blinders up and do what you need to do.

Oh btw... I cut 21 inches off my hair this weekend!

Before it as a solid 2 inches past my butt crack and now it's like this!

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