Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas... No merry involved.

Being sick is terrible when you are trying to lose weight.  First of all... you have to "rest"... My life does not allow time to "rest".  Not only did I have to take a day off of work, but I can't work out.  On the plus side I didn't want to eat anything because my throat hurt so bad.  I was told to avoid physical activity (including gym) for 4-5 days during my sickness.  In any attempt not to miss any more work, I have decided to follow this strictly.  And what not so joyous weekend is upon us?  Christmas... oh yes...  Seeing as how this is my first Christmas without my father, things will be different.  We have decided that we are going to treat Christmas eve and Christmas as if it is just another day, nothing special... No decorations no trees. Just Christmas... not Merry Christmas... just Christmas. Apparently our neighbors and family didn't get the memo...  People will not stop bringing over the most magically delicious treats.  I feel like people thing cramming the worst possible foods down our throats will some how cure the pain and loneliness.  While the gesture is really sweet it is also somewhat frustrating.  People don't understand that this is incredibly hard, not only for me and my siblings but for my mother.  Not only is she receiving foods that are terrible for her, but she gets to see these people that are enjoying their lives enough to bake a freaking plate of cookies.  They stay for a bit, take pity on her, then they get to go back to their lives.  Seeing everyone and hearing about how awesome their lives are is NOT good for my mother, it is so sad.  So everyone out there, think about the people you are bringing goodies to on this holiday season.  If one of your recipients just lost someone dear to them, try a gift card out or "healthy" cookies.  Wow... sorry about my rant, I am just really frustrated that people don't think twice about the situation we are in.  Anyway, back to the food part of it.  There are tons and i really do mean tons of plates of cookies and jars of candy everywhere.  We cannot escape it, and it is so deliciously addictive that we can't stop eating it.  I have limited myself and have only sampled the items that people dear to me have made.  If they are so excited to see me try one, why would I want to ruin that for them.  I just have one and it is enough.  Now I didn't say one of everything, just one.  Eating, or rather not eating, holiday foods  is extremely hard.  It is usually the home cooked meals that are a family recipe that have been passed down since your great aunt fran, my advice to you is this; EAT IT!  How many times a year do you get it?  once even twice?  1 or 2 days out of 365 is not what made you fat, trust me. If you want to eat until you need to unbutton you pants, but the truth is, since you have been watching what you eat, you will not want to eat as much as you have been.  I have turned over a new leaf and the thought of stuffing my face is kind of repulsing.  I will simply have what I want to eat, but a human sized portion.  I encourage you to do the same.  Being healthy is not about restricting your self from every food you love,  it is about learning to eat within reason.  Good luck and a very ... Christmas to you.

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