Thursday, December 15, 2011

Working out late at night... Again

I have absolutely no desire to be at the gym. It is 11:30 PM. I have been up everyday at 7 AM working all day. Monday and wednesday I go to school all night. The rest of the days I am trying to catch up on the things I need to do, like my homework hanging out with my newly widowed mother, and trying to be a normal 20 year old. After a stressful night of packing for our exciting trip this weekend, i still knew what was ahead... The gym.... If I didn't have a gym partner that planned their schedule around me I would not an I repeat WOULD NOT be here right now. This is day four in a row and as much as I would like to be at home sound asleep, my fat ass is on the exercise bike. Granted, I am not doing a vigorous workout, hence the blogging while working out, but I am here and I am handling it. I love the picture below. Even though I am yokg slow I am still lapping everyone that decided to sit tonight out, including the person inside of me that wanted to give up. All on all, even if your tired, sad, angry, or stressed... Go exercise. If you don't it will just be one more thing that makes your feel negative feelings. Put your goals and dreams first and lap all those lazy couch giver uppers!!!! I believe in you!!!!

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