Monday, December 12, 2011

The game of weightloss

I came across the below picture on Pinterest and couldn't help but write about it.  Weight loss is NOT and I repeat NOT a gamble.  You get out what you put into it.  It is as simple as that.  It took me 6 years to put on my weight, it's not going to take 2 months to shed 50 lbs. Now I am definitely guilty of falling for these tricks.  I did weight watchers and tried to cheat the system by eating french fries, burger, and pizza for my points and yes, I did lose 30 lbs.  BUT  not only did I gain all that and more back, but I was miserable the whole time.  I would go early in the morning because that's when I was the lightest.  I would wear the lightest clothes I had and wear even less on weeks I ate super bad.  I was get nervous, anxious, and scared to weigh in.  Stepping on the scale should not be like this picture below,  it should not be a gamble.  If you ate healthy and had a balanced week, worked out, drank tons of water, and got plenty of sleep you WILL lose the weight.  There should be no fear along with those things.  Either you did what you were supposed to or you didn't.  There is no way around it.  This last week was a little bit tougher for me, well I was fine until Saturday.  I had 3 Christmas parties this weekend and let me tell you.... I LOVE party food.  I indulged a couple of times and I only lost .7 lbs. (The tab on the left rounds up!  I am only at 3.5 lbs lost total)  I didn't go 100% so I didn't lose my full potential.  Today when I reflect on the choices I made this weekend,  I know I would have felt a lot better if I had skipped the cream cheese filled salami or the extra slices of garlic bread and instead lost more weight.  The taste of food is temporary, but losing weight and feeling good about yourself is amazing!  I had a bad weekend, but I learned from my mistake.  I hope I can continue to rock it!

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