Monday, December 5, 2011

Crappy Circumstances and Sweet Rewards

Oh Day 8,  the three day weekend is over and I have made it exactly 1 week without cheating!!!!  Now what wonderful reward did I achieve for this amazing feat?  I lost 3 lbs!!!!!! I am so excited that with hard work it happened!!

This weekend was the Chevron World Challenge (a golf tournament sponsored by Tiger Woods).  My boyfriend, Jason is an avid golfer and wanted to see Tiger hopefully win his first tournament in over 2 1/2 years.  So, I had the day off of work Friday and we went.  I never knew how much walking golf entailed!  I definitely got my cardio in that day!  We decided to skip the gym because Jason's shoulder was killing him.  This didn't really affect my workout plan so I stayed home to nurse him.

Now while we were at Target on Friday night, my brand new iPhone 4 got stolen.  After tracking it down with an awesome app and filing a police report, I am still with out my beloved phone. :[ It is so difficult living with out it.  I track all the food I eat on the app MyFitnessPal* on my phone.  I thought for sure that this would derail me.  Luckily your profile is synced with an online database, so I can track what I eat from other iphones and online at   I am so proud that even with this crappy circumstance I was able to keep on track.  Since I tend to eat my feelings, I was craving all sorts of foods that were bad for me.  While I ate a lot of fast food I made really good choices.  On Saturday I got french fries when we got In-N-Out and I had a piece of chocolate later that night.  It is amazing to see that even with those bad food slip ups, my hard work didn't disappear from the scale.  This proves that there is more to losing weight then just being under calories.  In the past when I have done programs I get nervous on weigh in day.  I try not to eat anything and wear light clothes so that I weigh less.  I am in control.  What I do and the choices I make will be reflected back at me, and I am not giving up!  I am stronger then I think.

* MyFitnessPal is a wonderful app for i Phones that scans the bar-codes of products to obtain nutritional information.

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