Thursday, December 8, 2011


When we think about getting in shape,  we all want instant gratification.  We don't want to do it the "right" way because it will take too long.  I want to be skinny NOW, not in a year.  But this got me thinking.  If the average woman lives to be 77.8 years old, will the one year it takes to see what I want to see in the mirror, change my mentality, and transform my life for the better really take "forever"?  I have dwelled on my weight and eaten my feelings for more than 1 year.  Imagine if i had just handled it when it first started to irritate me?  All of the times when my eating habits and my reflection made me cry and hate myself could have been avoided.  So now I am trying to persist, no matter what obstacles get in my way, I am determined to be fit and healthy and love the way I look.  I am working hard and doing this right and finding out along the way that it really ISN'T as hard as I made it out to be the last couple years.  I love getting re-inspired!!!  I am extremely sore from my last two workouts but, I am still going to the gym tonight and you know why...

It's true... and you know it!

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