Tuesday, December 27, 2011


So... Christmas... check... 6 months since my Dad died.. check  Losing weight... check!!!  Even with everything going on I lost another 2.5 lbs!!! yay!!!!  That brings my total weight lost to 6.5 lbs.  While I am super excited I must say the only difference that I have noticed is feeling better.  I am not always angry at myself, I have a more positive outlook on my life, and I just feel good.  By good I mean not groggy and I am definitely not so tired all the time now.  These are all a huge part of why I want to lose weight but about 75% of why I wanted to Live fit was to look better in clothes and without clothes and to be honest I just don't see it yet.  I was kind of getting discouraged, then my coworker showed me the below picture.  That picture of fat used to be on my body and now it is not because of my hard work.  That makes me feel good and I am sure that if I can knock another 3.5 lbs off to get to 10 lbs I will see some sort of difference.  Tomorrow will be one month since I started and I lost 6.5lbs.  If I lost the same amount every month by the end of month three or February I will have lost almost 20 lbs and that is something I can be proud of, too.  Aside from my scale accomplishment, I have committed to doing a half marathon at the end of march!!!  13.1 Miles, I can't even jog for 2 minutes let alone 1 mile.  I am going to challenge myself and make it happen!!!  I hope everyone else survived the holiday season!!   


  1. Not sure what your starting weight was...but I started at 209 and didn't notice a difference in myself until I had lost 20 pounds. If you are plus size, 15-20 pounds will be a pants size. If you are a 12 or under, 10 pounds will be a pants size.

    I have lost 30 pounds and some days the only place I notice it is in my face. Some days my body feels the same.

    Don't be discouraged...keep working. They say it takes 6 weeks to notice it in yourself and 12 weeks for others to notice it.

  2. Thank you for sharing. It is nice to here that I am not alone in what I feel. I started at 200. Some days I feel like it isn't even worth it! Good for you for sticking with it. 30 Lbs is a big deal!!